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Love Notes with Lynetta

“Love Notes” is Lynetta’s 1 minute feature where she shares relationship success tips and truths from LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA’s 10 exciting chapters! Her motivating voice can be heard on “Love Notes” across the country during Tuesday and Thursday afternoon drive on the Rejoice Musical SoulFood Network’s 42 stations and online at

Listeners are refreshed, motivated and inspired by her Lynetta’s empowering, practical wisdom that they can immediately apply to their improve their love lives!

“When we love better, we live better. Everyone wants to experience relationship success! We want to reach millions of multicultural people with our message that God really wants them to experience LOVE WITHOUT THE DRAMA!”

Lynetta Jordan, Author of Love Without The Drama Lynetta is available for interviews, too! Email us at to schedule an interview or for more information on adding “Love Notes” to your radio station!

Follow Lynetta on Twitter @LoveTalkLynetta or Facebook at LoveWithoutTheDrama!